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My First Acting Video with Nicole~!

There was this one day, I asked my reader on my little FanPage about what I can do with my blog and Facebook page. These are some voice out =) So this time "Make A Video" has become my mission! ;p I have seen a featured video through Castrol Malaysia' Facebook . It is about DJ Fara and DJ Jan fighting for something. Kinda funny to see 2 person fight for the same thing. So me and my friend try to make a video about sabotage each other. Watch this video first: DJ Fara & DJ Jane Office Battle Part 1 One night, I asked the Xeroz couple [ MsXeroz and ImXeroz ] to tag along for dinner and video recording. I can't sabotage myself right? Haha Decided to have some sushi at Sakae Sushi in IOI Mall Their sushi looks really nice~! This time the video will featuring yours truly and MsXeroz (Nicole) I was late because of some reason and kinda frustrated to share about it. Nicole then try to clear things up However the argue never end and