Making of "The Gaga Story of Me, Monkey & Slurpee!"

Whenever there are suitable contest for us to join, there we are getting involved with it~! One day after work, I went to 7-11 to buy the coolest drinks on earth. It is really easy to find 7-11 outlets today. There are even other shops who mimic their shop design.

One of the 7-11 around USJ

Slurpee, the coolest drink on earth~

After reach Nicole's house we have dinner first and it was cook by Nicole and Wern. I was worried at first time~! However, looks like it has improved from what I've seen in Nicole's Ugly Cooking Series. *evil*

The successful steamed egg

The Super Sinful Fried Potatoes

And yeah a bowl of Chicken Soup with chinese herbs

After dinner we quickly start prepare for the scene. Buncho Crayons is our rainbow tools. It's been long time I never touch a crayon. Happy to draw again~!

Then Nicole need some clipping and makeup to suit the photo shooting.

Saw the big sweat on Wern's forehead? ;p

Yesh, we can draw~! I like the sun~! Cos I drew his face, hoho.

So, tons of photo taken as we panning to do a stop motion video. All thanks to Nicole and Wern @ Baboon to be a good actor in the video ;p

Why is the Baboon smiling?? Check out the video here~!

We did the shooting very fast and I feel proud to finish it before Slurpee fully melted

After that I was hungry again and thanks Wern for making me a nice Supper dish~! Although it is sinful, I still like it! wtf

*That's how Audrey and others blogger use the word "wtf"*

So here is the video of our harsh production:

The Gaga Story of Me, Monkey & Slurpee!

Actually, the real Baboon was happily drinking the Slurpee after the photo session end. Wala~!

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Just got a good news!
One of our video is the Week2 winner~! Thanks to all friends who have voted for us! We do treasure your support~! Are we going to make it to the Grand Prize? It's all depends on your generous support~!

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