April Fool's Rhapsody Chinese Orchestra Concert @ 娱人狂想曲 华乐演奏会

It's been so long that I haven't hear Chinese Orchestra. Thanks Gan for the invite as you help me reminiscence the study life during secondary school ;p

"April Fool's Rhapsody Chinese Orchestra Concert" @ 娱人狂想曲 华乐演奏会 is organized at MMU Cyberjaya and it is a mini music concert.

They are the young generation who can play Chinese Orchestra. Gan is the handsome guy smiling in this picture.

A guy playing the "Zhong Ruan", outstanding because of the bright hair.]

The girl sing a song by just using "Ah~", which means no lyrics

Some familiar TVB Themed Medley

Here is one of the music performance recorded by Nicole:

Waltzing Mathilda

Don't they look so match with the black cloth? ;p

Actually I like the performance most when Teacher WuMi came up on the stage. Oh wait will Nicole[picture above] looks like her in coming years? ;p

She makes the performance more lively and yes she is a funny person =)

That's the moment I captured people smiled. They do enjoyed themselves while playing

Teacher WuMi ended the music concert with an encore.

Then we say bye-bye to each other =D

A picture of all the performers, emcees and backstage crew. You guys rock kay? =)

The poser Nicole grab the chance to take picture with Gan's Chello

So do I as I am also a poser. Wtf ;p

Nice to see you Teacher Wumi and I hope to see your performance again~!

PS: Remember to train more often as practice makes perfect. Besides, control the distance between the music instrument and the mic so that one sound will not overtake the others. It is suppose to complement each other especially the "Er Hu". That's my opinion on the overall performance.

After all, it is good to enjoy ourself while playing music~!


  1. haha !
    thx Tian Chad for your support...

    and ~

    i will bear in mind about PS.



    Look at the brightside!
    Nicole is gonna as popular and as talented as teacher WuMi. =)

    *ignores TianChad sarcasm*

  3. [Matthew]
    You are welcome, thanks for the invite ar. Can't wait for June~!

  4. [Nicole]
    That's what I wanna say. I can see you have talents beneath your thought =D
    Besides, someone said you are eligible to start a career in advertising~ ;p


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