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What's Wrong with Najib's CNY 2013 Greeting on YouTube?

"纳吉迎春,四季平安" To be honest, there's nothing wrong with it (not totally); If you are a radio listener of oneFM, I believe you've heard numerous time about the phrase mentioned above  "纳吉迎春,四季平安" .  If you haven't heard that before, below is a video for you (by MalaysiaKini) Najib and son extend CNY greetings in Mandarin through airwaves I was quite surprised when I heard the CNY wishes by Najib and his son through OneFM. So far I think he and his campaign/marketing manager are doing a lot of work to approach more people especially during this Chinese New Year before the General Election started. Have you seen how other politician garner votes using YouTube video too? Besides radio, I believe some of you received mail/letter or even PERSONALIZED ANGPOW ENVELOPES  greeting from our own country Malaysia's Prime Minister Dato Sri Mohd Najib right?? Fuyoh!!  But I will never thought of one day that our Prime Minister will suddenly ap

@NajibRazak Twitpict @TianChad at #Suarakami Concert *Sempoi*

Have you already know about the special appearance of our Malaysia's Prime Minister @Najibrazak and Rosmah at #SuaraKami Concert 2011 ? What bout @NajibRazak took a photo of me and other Malaysia citizen then twitpict it? =D Najib Tun Razak and Rosmah gave us all a surprise appear at SuaraKami Konsert 2011 Looks like Rosmah winks at the crowd with a cute face Out of surprised our PM took out his iPhone and snapped some photos of the crowd. I guess Najib is kinda new to iPhone photography because all the photos has his finger captured too. Well, usually I take photo of people but first time our Prime Minister Mohd Najib Tun Razak took a picture of me and other audience too!! *bangga and sempoi* Can spot me and @redbuttockz or not? Haha! Check out some other photos and see if you are in it. Here's a photo of Rosmah with her Golden handbag AND I believe that Rosmah like to *Wink!* Thank you @Najibrazak and Rosmah for dropping by #SuaraKami Concert 2011 although