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AAR Halloween Concert At Bukit Jalil

After attended my first AAR Press conference and Meet & Greet Session , here comes my another half day for the All-American Rrejects music concert. Met Angelkein for the first time (and need to take new photo next time) Somethings going to happen. Is it going to rain soon? The people queuing up obediently since 12PM...but not for long It eventually turn out into pushing scene, all the barbarian youngster sure feel very excited for pushing each other. BUT not for the tiny girl! Even all the guards together also cannot withstand it and eventually need to let us come in slowly. Or else I bet a bunch of people will be "sleeping" on the floor being stepped across along the way. When they reach inside they quickly rush to the center and find the best spot We are actually standing near the so called "VIP & Media" area but not for the VIP who get their passes through Hitz.FM. This is how we looks before the concert started. Who's with me? Jacquelyn , Jackie a

AAR Press Conference & Round Table Session

AAR @ Press Conferences ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to Nuffnang's DiGi Contest , I was given an opportunity to attend All-American Rejects' Press Conference and have a Round Table Session with them. Here is my post - DiGi Unlimited Music AAR & BEP Perform Live Due of KL's heavy traffic, I parked my car at Bukit Jalil Stadium, which is where AAR concert will be held. DiGi Music the main sponsor It was 12PM ++ and people were still setting up the stage and entrance. crews arrived as early as some of the AAR fans. They are giving out free drinks I was rushing to Nikko Hotel because STAR LRT doesn't seems so frequent these days Nice meeting Flora , Amanda , Kristine , Jeremy and Bryan =) Had some desserts Not having these, the food was kinda hidden between the hall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ During waiting, Jeremy said his eyes are immune to flash So he proved to us by using the BIG Flash O.o *Warning Never Try This