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Street Photography with Olympus @ Pudu Raya - Should U Get One?

All right, before you continue read this post, you should continue read my previous photo post where all photos captured using Olympus OMD EM1 togehter with 75mm and 25mm f.18 featuring the Sri Mahamariamman Indian temple . This will be the last post about Olympus Street Photography featuring the wet market instead, the place where I met two interesting people and heard their story.

Street Photography with Olympus @ Pudu Raya - Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Flowers necklace selling outside of Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Kuala Lumpur After visiting Guan Ti Miao 廣肇會館關帝廟 , Robin from Olympus Malaysia brought us to this Indian Temple named Sri Mahamariamman Temple . The people were friendly so I started to take photo after I took off my shoes passing it to this man. The Shoes Man @ Sri Mahamariamman Temple Because the sun was shinning straight to the floor, it somehow become a huge reflector to shine on him and got the image above. I love how his eyes turn out =)

Street Photography with Olympus @ Pudu Raya - Guan Ti Miao 廣肇會館關帝廟

Finally!! I have decided to settle down and share photos taken during last month's Olympus Malaysia Photography outing lead by Robin Wong. This is actually my first time using Olympus System and I would like to thanks Jackie Loi for lending me his Olympus E-M1 and Robin Wong  who 'poison' me with a series of Olympus greatest lenses. I am currently a Nikon DSLR user and always looking for new alternative when I want to travel light but still not neglecting good quality images. Why? Because my DSLR AND lenses is always heavier than mirrorless camera and I wanna know how good is Olympus OM-D E-M1 and whether it meet my par. Since I took quite a lot photos, I've decided to feature and categorize it based on location. We went to a Chinese Temple, Indian Temple and also the wet market, which I met great people there. Now I shall share photos captured around this Chinese temple - "Guang Zhao Hui Guan Guan Ti Miao 廣肇會館關帝廟". This temple is known as Kwong