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MySelangorStory 2011 Winner Announcement @ Thai Express

MY SELANGOR STORY 2011 AWARD CEREMONY @ THAI EXPRESS, THE CURVE 3rd March 2012 Guest of Honor: YB Elizabeth Wong It was a sunny weekend and I was a bit late to arrive. Nigel was the first thing I saw, who was snapping photos around the event venue. (his flash gun++ haha) No one can beat his huge ass DSLR! Since last minute we were allowed to bring friends along. I brought along Wern and Nicole =D Wanna thank you both for always supporting me! Do you remember Nicole was the MSS2012 blogger who won "The Most Creative Awards"? She's back to blogging scene so drop by her blog! Blogging buddy checking out Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 own by Feeq . You can join this Samsung GALAXY Tab 7..7 Contest to win one now! My act-cute-scene accidentally being captured by Nigel Finger food being served by Thai Express Amelia Tan from Horizon Communications gave a welcome speech. Dian was giving some speech too while waiting for YB Elizabeth Wong's arrival.