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NameWee 黄明志 - Rasa Sayang 2.0 & White Head Till Old 白头偕老 [Live]

I was invited by Bill for MBI 3rd Anniversary Dinner and Dato AC Mizal was there too. That day he and his wife dressed as Captain American. This was happened quite sometime but it was a good opportunity to meet NameWee in person and see him perform live =) NameWee - 黄明志 with his eye catching T-Shirt O.O There are two girls who singing along with NameWee instead of Karen Kong 龔柯允. Wonder what's their name... Do you know? =) NameWee 黄明志 - Rasa Sayang 2.0 [LIVE] We can has a group photo with NameWee. Oh ya, there's a random stranger that photo bomb us... Can you spot out who was he? NameWee 黄明志 - White Head Till Old 白头偕老 [LIVE] TC and NameWee Between, congratz NameWee who won 大阪影展 -- "亞洲最具潛能導演獎" Awards with his first movie - Nasi Lemak 2.0. Do visit and like NameWee's Facebook Page for latest information. PS: NameWee if you saw this blogpost please share with us and introduce your talent girl friendS. I just need their name so they will b

MFACE - M'sia New Social Network Portal Launch + Dato' AC Mizal 40's Birthday

PS: I guess some of you are here googling for MFace Virtual Share Investment. I have no idea regarding that and all I can say is be careful of what you are investing. Check if it is legal or not before you put your money/saving into the virtual world. Thanks Dato' AC Mizal , Director of M7at the launching of Mface Social Network Site Mface. me – is a Malaysian based social network site. It is a light blogging network which can be used for both personal and corporate use. It encompasses of 3 major elements – that is friends, followers and those who are following. User’s have the option to share the content on their page to the public (Friends and followers) or share privately (only to friends or pre-defined selected groups). Mface emphasizes on protecting user’s privacy. Mface’s main feature encompasses of the symbols +, -, x and / . Mface choose to use the unique feature of symbols to symbolize opinions. + (plus/addition) would symbolize like or show positiv