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SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable & Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility #SonosMove

SONOS MOVE REVIEW: Portable Elegant and Powerful Speaker with High Flexibility Since last year, I have spent more time at home without going out much due to the global situation. Hence me and love one started to enhance things we can do at home. At first we started to learn cooking and baking, then we learn indoor plant gardening and fell in love with it. Since we can't go to the outdoor, we brought in the nature instead. Now we have a mini garden indoor and at the balcony.  Spending majority of our time at home eventually makes me want to improve my home entertainment system too. Something small yet significant to improve our quality of life. That's when I found SONOS sound system and decided to go with SONOS MOVE . This versatile smart speaker not only able to be moved around, it is also both WIFI and Bluetooth configurable. Added that it is weatherproof and drop-resistant, it is good to listen to music both indoor and outdoor. Let me share my experience in detail as below:

【REVIEW】@Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphone

【REVIEW】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Having Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, a smartphone at premium price means that everyone would need to get a great casing that can protect my phone. Other than protecting the edges and surface, I need something that can protect that bulged out camera section especially when they are made of glass. Also, the camera device on the Galaxy S20 Ultra made the phone upper portion heavier too. Hence a casing with nice case is required. After some Google research and as a person who already invested in a few Moment lens (Wide, FishEye and Macro), I've decided to get the Moment Thin Case for my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra . I pre-ordered it hence it only cost me USD28 (instead of USD40) for the Galaxy Thin Case.

[REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black. Should You Get it?

A special day to look good on buddy's wedding with Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black  Every man should have at least one good watch , and I am on the search for it.  Right before I went Bhutan for a spiritual trip, I've got this Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black to fly with me and to test it out at the same time. Above photos was taken at my friend's beautiful wedding so I thought of, "Beautiful location, already dressed up, why not get a good portrait?" Thanks Calvin Alexi for this photo taken at Glasshouse Seputeh. Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black on wrist There wasn't much photos taken when I testing out this watch because most of the time the watch is being covered by the jacket when I was in Bhutan. (Weather was cold) Hence I will share my brief review and opinion about this Samsung Smart Watch.

10 Reasons To Love Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (Review)

[PHOTO] Reasons To Love Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (Review) Here comes the long overdue review post about the triple camera Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Edition . I've got the Blue Color Samsung Galaxy A7 with me and played with me for month before I can justify on the camera quality. Hence below will have a series of photos taken using the Galaxy A7 (2018) and my main focus would be about the new addition of Ultra wide-angle 8MP camera , why and where you will need the extra wider view for photoshoot. I shall give a quick conclusion of my Galaxy A7 (2018) user experience in points below: A well hidden fingerprint sensor at the power button area that I just noticed recently. It was not at the back/front of the screen but at the convenient place of the power button. All I need to do is place my thumb on it. Triple Camera with 8MP Wide Camera being the most useful addition to A series, followed by the 5MP camera for Live Focus Overall phone performance is good, can play ga

Samsung S9+ (S9 Plus) Camera Phone Review: Super Slow-mo & AR Emoji Sample

【YouTube】Samsung S9+ (S9 Plus) Camera Phone Review: Super Slow-mo and AR Emoji A week with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ was pretty eye opening when testing out the AR Emoji and Super Slow-motion. Have a look on my review video above as there are tons more super slow-mo captured at 960fps that you might want to see. How do I look like if I am a female emoji? Check out the video hahaha For Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera (Low Light) Photo Sample check this link below: Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera Review and Low Light Photo Sample


My Lovely Dreamland featuring  Padang Pasir Klebang @ Melaka Having photography as one of my hobby and profession has been always fruitful for me as I can capture precious moments that I noticed when I am with my camera. Most of the time, you will see me with my huge camera bag on the street or when I am attending event. Practice makes perfect, that's how to improve your photography skill too. However, after carrying this huge and heavy DSLR along for years, it has constantly putting pressure on my shoulder and back and eventually developed into unpleasing back pain. Other than that, spending massive time in front of the PC editing photos is the main cause for stiff shoulder too. For me, having a healthy and fit body is very important as you can't do a photoshoot properly with your injured back.