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P1 4G FREE Speed Upgrade to 4.8Mbps New Year Gift

NEW YEAR GIFT FROM P1 4G - FREE speed upgrade to 4.8Mbps for all new and existing P1 4G Home Pro customers P1 4G has a new year’s resolution to continue to provide the best value wireless 4G broadband to all Malaysians. To kick off 2011, P1 4G is giving a FREE speed upgrade from 2.4Mbps to 4.8Mbps to all new and existing Home Pro subscribers . For new P1 4G Home Pro Promo M5 subscribers, the deal gets even sweeter with a RM300 discount over the first 3 months. The breakdown is RM160 discount off the subscriber’s first bill (RM100 registration fee + RM60 activation fee waived), RM70 discount off the second and third bills respectively. Best of all, the double speed upgrade is permanent and FREE . The new P1 4G Home Pro Promo M5 plan comes with the latest plug-n-play Home DX-230 modem and a plan price of just RM139 per month. So, users get the best wireless 4G Home package in town, 30GB per month and FREE double download speed upgrade! “Our new Home Pro plan is unbeatable v

P1 Wimax 4G Superheros Revealed Before 221010!

Wondering what will happen on 221010 about P1 W1max's Superheros ? is here to reveal the news first before the days come. Because I just acquired the Teleport ability from Hiro Nakamura and went back to the future! Introducing Super Broadband Kid Campaign - "Getting Stronger, Wider and Faster by the Day" . The kiddos getting stronger with the legendary sword, wider with the magical wand, and faster with the F1 Race Car. Mr. M. Idham Nawawi , the COO of P1 is there to share with us what is the new campaign about. Do you still remember the Potong Campaign by P1? They manage to grab back 2010 EFFI Gold Award Malaysia . Congratz =) The reason why kiddo appear in this campaign because they are same age as P1. Two years old plus plus. That's why they are still learning to do better day by day including spelling better with St w onger, Eve w y Where, W elly W elly Fast. Do you noticed they strengthen the alphabet "W"? Personally feels