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Westports KL Dragons vs Satria Muda BritAma @ MABA Stadium 2010

On the 10.10.10 fine day, didn't manage to wake up for Hooha 10.10.10 Fun Run but still able to watch the basketball match of Westports KL Dragons vs Satria Muda BritAma at MABA Stadium , Kuala Lumpur . I would say you should come for the game because "leng lui" is everywhere =D It's been so long I never watch a basketball match and this is also my first time try to take photos of people doing fast motions. So let the pictures tell the story kay? Here are the two pretty ladies welcoming the VIP *there are more~!* I was there for the evening game and more people came to support the home game =) Who is your favourite basketball player? I know Jestina 's favourite is..... [click here to find out] *evil laugh lol* KL Dragons were practicing and Edika is doing the ball passing practice We have Cheerleaders performance Some hot dance by the XPax ladies, they have a name but I can't remember. All I know they always dance whenever there is a time bre