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[Photoshoot] The Lovely Chua Sisters with Nature

The Chua Sister - Nicole Chua and Wern Introducing The Chua Sister - Nicole Chua and YiWern Chua . We decided to have a photoshoot after saw a stretch of trees blooming red flowers. The next day evening while sun is still setting, The Chua Sisters, (typical girls who need to spend long time for choosing the right dress and make up) is preparing themselves to look best in front of my camera. I still remember I was urging them by saying the sun is setting soon and we are gonna miss the golden sunlight. We did missed it but never regret to do the photoshoot that day. We took photos at two different spot (trees with red flowers + long stretch of tall trees), and found out that the long stretch of tall trees were chopped off for Puchong new LRT Station construction... O.o At first we went to the red flower trees, didn't expect there were so many red ants on those trees. Luckily didn't get bitten by those little monster. We were shooting just beside a guard house therefore it was a