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I'm your Social Caster @ Samsung Asian Games Campaign for Incheon 2014!

President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Team Samsung members, Vice President of NOC and Samsung Social Casters are cheering for Samsung's successful campaign for Asian Games Incheon 2014  Samsung Electronics took another big step towards 2014 Incheon Asian Games today by officially announcing the comprehensive details of its “Our Games, Our Pride” support campaign. As a long-term, Prestige Sponsor for the games Samsung will operate several innovative marketing initiatives designed to replicate the inspirational success of its past campaigns and bring the Asian Games experience to audiences across Asia. The initiatives include Team Samsung , Samsung Social Caster , and the Samsung MVP Award program. Another good news to share is that both me and Wilson will represent Samsung Social Caster from Malaysia =D That day was a great day because I didn't expect that Dato' Lee and Pandelela gonna do selfie together on the stage. So far that can be conclude as the b

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 Winner List | TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮 2013得奖名单

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 Winner List | TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮 2013得奖名单 Due to technology disorder I wasn't able to share photos live during #TVBSA2013... So yeah here are some belated photos taken during  TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 together with the winner list! More photos will be published after tomorrow! *yawn* PS: Are you happy with the results? If not, who should deserve more for the awards? Feel free to share your thought with us! TVB最具潛質男藝員 My Favourite TVB Promising 袁偉豪 (好心作怪 / 情逆三世緣 / On Call 36小時 II)Benjamin Yuen (A Change Of Heart / Always And Ever / The Hippocratic Crush II) TVB最具潛質女藝員 My Favourite TVB Promising 岑麗香 (衝上雲霄 II / 神鎗狙擊 / On Call 36小時II) Eliza Sam (Triumph In The Skies II / Sniper Standoff / The Hippocratic Crush II) 最喜愛TVB綜藝節目 My Favourite TVB Variety Program 超級無敵獎門人終極篇 Super Trio Maximus 最喜愛TVB資訊節目 My Favourite TVB Enrichment 走過烽火大地 Pilgrimage of Hope 最喜愛TVB節目主持 My Favourite TVB Host in Variety Program 曾志偉Eric Tsang, 錢嘉樂 Chin Ka-Lok,

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 | TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮 2013 @ KWC [1 Dec]

馬來西亞最強電視頒獎盛事 《TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2013》即將隆重舉行 The Upcoming Star-studded Malaysian TV Awards Presentation “TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013” The greatest and star-studded Malaysia TV Awards Presentation, the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 is going to hold at 8:00 p.m. on 1 December . TVB always endeavours to produce top-quality TV dramas and various programmes to global Chinese TV viewers. Its wide range of productions has been earning high recognition and popularity worldwide. This year, the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013, which is regarded as the prelude to the TV Awards Presentation of TVB, will be held at Star Stage@KWC at Kuala Lumpur. The awards presentation will be organised by TVB Entertainment News for the first time and Astro and MyFM as media partners. Believe that global audiences are waiting for this brilliant show! [UPDATE: Photos and TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 Winner List | TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮 2013得奖名. Read more :