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[Review] Hotel Presidente MACAU 澳門總統酒店 & Timelapse at Night

During our 3D2N trip to Macau, we stayed at President Hotel (also known as Hotel Presidente Macau). Most of the hotel in Macau has in-house casino so you can have 'fun' at ease. This will be a simple hotel review post on what I've experience throughout the two nights here. There will be a video of the hotel room too. Check it out:

6 Must Visit Hotels in Macau - Amazingly Beautiful!

Hotels to Visit in Macau The Grand Lisboa at Night Here comes my second post about my 3D2N trips to Macau !! Since Macau itself has so many luxurious hotel in town, I am going to share with you some interesting part of many hotels I've visited during this trip. I was really amazed with the grand interior design where some hotel prefer to have huge marine aquarium in their hall and one with musical fountain that dance to the rhythm of the music with rainbow lights. Even just the rooftop is already beautiful crafted. When you visit Macau, remember to visit Grand Lisboa, Wynn Macau, MGM Macau, Venetian Macau and City of Dreams !! Just continue scroll down and check it out!! Hope these photos will amaze you =)

11 Places Photographer Should Visit in Macau [Day]

"Look at the bright side" On last Sunday (20 July), we took Airasia flight to Macau for a 3 Days 2 Nights trip . Thanks to Hong Kong drama, my initial impression on Macau is all about casino. But after went there myself, not only Macau has many historical places to visit, they also have great food hidden along the street too. Today I am going to share my 3D2N Macau itinerary as a photographer who love to capture scenery, building architecture and cityscape. This place is amazingly beautiful at night!! Since we stay in President Hotel in Macau, we decided to start our journey from Senado Square to Guia Fortress and all the way to Venetian at night.

Coming Weekend to Macau!! 3D2N can go where?

Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral, Macau That's right!! I am going to Macau this weekend and it will be a 3 Days 2 Nights Trip (20-22 July 2014). I believe 3 days won't be enough to explore the whole Macau but I will try my best to capture the beautiful side of Macau. Just hope that the weather is good enough with big blue sky and not that hot during our visit. As you see from picture above, Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral is one of the place that I would like to visit and take a #TCSelfie.