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Wedding Photography @ Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Here's a wedding photo post about Melvin and Sueann who had me as their wedding photographer at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. It was my second time to be there but I am glad my dear friends having their wedding here in Hard Rock! Melvin, a happy and positive guy who love to makes people laugh has manage to pull out a great surprise to his new wife Sueann by singing a love song with the music band. They even came out with awesome dance performance to entertain the invited guest to celebrate their big day. I had so much fun shooting for their wedding especially when they being themselves enjoying the moments. 
So here you are, some wedding photos taken at Hard Rock Hotel Penang's Hall of Fame ballroom which comes with a unique Rock 'n' Roll edge decoration and red carpet aisle. I am glad that they don't play with the fancy rainbow color lights that interrupt my camera judgment on the white balance. (just imagine your new-wed couple in all purple and sudden red light durin…

This Photo Helped Me Won iPhone

Have you ever thought of winning an iPhone by just upload a photo to Facebook/Instagram?? I never imagine this would happen to me but it did!! I received a PM from Digi Facebook Message and they were finalizing the winner by checking our eligibility (Digi user) after select final few creative photos. I've did a short Youtube video that I go to Digi Headquarter to collect the iPhone 6s Plus (OMG!) , if you've got 3 minutes spare, just watch it kay?  
I hope I can inspire you guys to do YouTube video too. #DigiLetsInspire


'Once Upon A Miao' - Akiraceo's BookTalk & Autograph @ MPH Mid Valley

The other day on 20 March 2016 Akiraceo-Miao&WafuPafu is having a book talk at MPH Mid Valley Megamall all the way from Kuching!! As a kucing fans of Akiraceo's drawing, I went to his 'Once Upon A Miao' book autograph session and as a catch-up session since our last trip to Jeju Island together. As a photographer, I personally think there's always something that worth captured in an event, hence below are some photos of Akiraceo doing live cartoon comic drawing and special customized book autograph session for readers who brought along their book. I was rushing to Mid Valley the other day hence forgot to bring my book..... *doot myself*
All right below are the photos captured during Akiraceo's Book Autograph session and our ice-cream session at MilkCow. The Cotton Candy MilkCow Ice-Cream I ordered looks great but it is a mess to eat it because your hand will be sweet and sticky before you get to enjoy the melting ice-creams with jelly beans beneath. It was a g…

Under Armour CoolSwitch Fitness Apparel Review & New Outlet in Penang #UnderArmourMY

Early in March there was a trip to Penang for media friends to experience Under Armour's latest apparels with CoolSwitch Technology and also giving us sneak peek to visit Under Armour's first outlet in Malaysia North region inside Queensbay Mall Brand House. Definitely a very good news for friends who staying in Penang!! Other than that, I love the opportunity to have fitness activities around Straits Quay and continue with Sunset Yoga lead by Hansen Lee and Robyn Lau. Do you know that there are actually cute sea otters that wandering around Penang Straits Quay??? They are so cute!!
I noticed that I quite like Yoga exercise and I would like to learn how to improve while challenging myself doing more workout and stay healthy in year 2016. It seems like more people are health aware too, which is good =) By continue scrolling down, most of the photos were taken by Under Armour's event photographer (Aylwin Joshua) as it was hard for me to do exercise and take photos at the sa…

How To Go Padang Pasir Melaka @ Pantai Klebang?? 马六甲沙漠怎么去?

[NOTE: Padang Pasir Melaka/Padang Pasir Klebang is a reclaimed land in Melaka, some part of the land structure might not be stable so do travel in group in case anything happen. If you are not driving 4-wheel drive, don't drive too further inside or else your car will be stranded there whole day. It will be hard to call for help]
Have you ever wonder where is Padang Pasir Melaka? Or to be exact, it is called "Padang Pasir Klebang"??  This desert in Melaka is actually a reclaimed land by Melaka developers and it has been years the extra pile of sands placed at the edge of the island. In chinese, we call this desert in Malaysia as 马六甲沙漠. The location and scenery is so unique that you might think yourself has traveled to somewhere exotic like the Sahara Desert.
Today I am going to share with you how to go to Padang Pasir Klebang, when and where to go to catch the beautiful scenery in this heaven. Save money on your flight tickets as you can have desert scene as your prewedd…

Lee Kwang Soo In Malaysia 2016 @ Samsung GALAXY S7 edge Launch #LeeKwangSoo

Long story short, it was a fun Samsung S7 edge launch today at Suria KLCC because Lee Kwang Soo, the handsome Running Man host in black suit was the special guest of the day. Fans of KwangSoo been swarming KLCC early in the morning just to see him in person. I can say 90% are female fans and I would be one of the rare male fans who like his humour and how he treat and reward his fans who couldn't get closer than anyone else.
Other than special appearance at Samsung GALAXY S7 edge launch in Malaysia, Kwang Soo also signed autographs for more than 100 over people who got the special cardboard passes. Some lucky LKS fans even get to take selfie with Kwang Soo himself!! It was a little chaos near the end of the event and you should really watch this video log that I did by sacrifice my time for the gym of the day. So yeah, do watch it and give it a thumbs up or share!!

Gonstead Chiropractor Fixed My Back Ache @ Discover Chiropractic SS2

I, myself has been a wedding and travel photographer for so many years by carrying that heavy DSLR and camera lens whole day long just to capture precious moments for clients, friends and even family. The DSLR itself is already heavy but it gets much heavier especially when you attached it with a 70-200mm zoom lens. 
Well, everything was great until I find that I get severe back ache every time after I finished the photoshoot. Just imagine you are shooting for a wedding since 5am in the morning until 11pm, end of wedding dinner. It was a long working day by carrying heavy "weights" around you.

I just ignore my back ache until one day my jaw was dislocated when I yawned. It sounds funny but you will know it when you close your mouth you feel that your teeth couldn't meet each other properly. No matter how hard I try to push my jaws back, it is still there and I felt uncomfortable with it. That's when I decided to visit my friends Chiropractic Centre in SS2. To fix bo…

2D1N Road Trip to Tanjong Jara Resort #DynamicXperience

On 20th February, car club owners, media and blogger friends and of course the winners of contest were all together for a road trip experience to Terengganu with the beautiful Tanjong Jara Resort as our final destination. We all departed with a four-wheel drive, powered by PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel and get to enjoy the off-road experience at Jerangkang Waterfall in Maran, Pahang. 
'Dynamic Xperience' is part of a series of PETRONAS’ Experience To Believe road trips where participants get to experience and review the PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel first-hand on the road. Just scroll down for our road trip photos =)

Road Trip from KL to Kuantan - Tanjong Jara Resort If you prefer motion pictures, just watch my travel blogs above. I assure you it will be way more fun!!


If you think why I look familiar during our first met, you might have seen my photo taken with KLCC published online. It is good if you saw the photo from my website, but if you saw it somewhere else from, ViralCham, Instagram Contest, Travel Package Promo in Philippines. or even the recent edited photo with political message to mislead people, all these were used without my permission at first place and the latest one is really too much.

This particular photo was first published through my British Council's blog post. The photo comes with watermark to further telling people that this is copyrighted. Yet, people still stealing this photo to created their desired content by cropping out the watermark and used it for marketing, commercial or even political usage... I've dealed with 3rd party who used my photo without permission for commercial value and they paid compensation at an agreed value in the end.
 If' you got a minute to spend, please help me REPORT THIS P…

Photobook Malaysia Grand Sales - Starting from RM2 ONLY

Today I want to share with you all photography lovers who are looking for quality photobook provider online. I've been using Photobook Malaysia to print my photos into photo albums, I even print my name cards using Photobook Malaysia too. I really love their quality but it is not cheap if you buy at normal price. Therefore I always wait for their promotion so I get to buy my photobook at cheaper price.
Since they are now having Photobook Grand Sales through LAZADA I might as well shout-out and share with you guys what are the attractive photobook promos available for a limited time.

Wedding in Penang Trinity Methodist Church

It has been a while since my last time blogging about the wedding that I've captured for my clients, who are also my good friends. Today I would like to share with you my first church wedding photography in Penang - The Trinity Methodist Church. Featuring the lovely couple Melvin and Sueann.

I know Melvin through a travel trip to Krabi, Thailand under Tourism Selangor and I gotta say that was one of the best trip in my life as I got to make new friends who love adventures as much as I do. Since that we are always stay in touched and have a yearly Chinese New Year LouSang. Melvin is a funny and happy go lucky person while Sueann is a sweet girl that I first met during our first CNY LouSang event.  
It was really honored when they approached me to take their pre-wedding photos. Since we have been friends for quite some time, it was a lot easier for me to capture their precious moments. In order for a photographer to get to capture the souls in photographs, the photographer should r…

WHY TM UNIFI SPEED SO SLOW?! It's already year 2016!!

Did you just subscribed to the brand new 30mbps UNIFI but the internet speed you got is very disappointing and slow like tortoise?? Well you are not alone, last few day I already caught up with the slow Unifi speed especially when I surf YouTube, Facebook and apparently any website from the US are affected. Even my DiGi and Maxis dataplan load Facebook faster than UNIFI!
Today TM finally did an official announcement about UNIFI's slow speed (which I think hidden in the website until I need to google for it) and the reason why UNIFI users may face difficulty in surfing the internet.
In conclusion, there is a fault on the Asia Submarine Cable Express (ASE) system off Singapore, which affected TM's Cahaya Malaysia submarine cable linking Malaysia to North Asia and the United States. The repair of the submarine cable is scheduled to begin on 25 March and is expected to be completed on 31 March 2016.
Which means we all will need to e…

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