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Sean Kingston at Shout! Awards 2009

This is the last part of Shout! Award post. If wanna read preview post click here . Okay lets continue the photo story. I kinda forgot what happened and hopes pictures below speak more than thousand words! Both are pretty celebrity: _________ and Jojo Struys When announcing the winner they saw..... *Haha just to make my post interesting a bit la * A cute 8TV crew Performance by ___________ Guess who makes the crowds look so happy? =) Jacklyn Victor's awesome live performance of MJ song Paul Moss and Shafinaz Selamat How does Shafinaz feel? I wanna try =D Popstar Award (Pop Awards) - Jacklyn Victor Flava Award: Joe Filzzow Noticed Shout! Awards monster? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ During performance of Joe Flizzow, suddenly I heard people keep screaming at my direction. This is what happened. Sean Kingston is in the stage! And they stand just beside us, manage to take few close up photo. Seaon Kington and his macho buddy + mostly botak bodygua