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RedNinja.TV Seminar by ruumz & P1

This happened early in April last year (2010), at last I wanna share this event today. Redninja.TV is a photography seminar which co-organized by ruumz and P1 during the time they are promoting the photo printing service at . That time already started this AIDSAware Campaign Have you support it ? I did. It is time to know more about AIDSAware Perfect lighting for portrait shoot =D Familiar face? =) This is Wiki Lee from Photo Expression (Australia) to give a talk regarding his coming photography seminar =) In short, he shared some tips about photography especially on how to handle client, reason why their service are not cheap +++ After what I listened I reprocessed the message and become this: "Be who you are, unique, once found the niche/market, keep it. Everything comes and goes with a trend, so predict it and execute it ahead from everybody." Above rules can be applied on both photography and blogging, or even your business~! =) My photography motto is &q