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WELLOUS PRODUCTS APRIL PROMOTION (Promo Date: 13th Apr until 27th April 21) I started consuming LIVEON Reviving DNA and EROJAN for Men to improve my health. After I saw the positive effects by consuming these two health products, I started recommending to my friends and family and they found it helpful to improve their health. Especially LIVEON 复活 DNA that helps many friends with joint pain condition. I eventually understood that Wellous Group is having more than just two good products. There are more complete super food products that keeps us healthy. Other well know products including TIGROX TIGER MILK KING, IMUGLO, LOQUAT,  BIO-LINGZHI, BIO-GRAPESEED, SPIRO, FRUSSO, M-COLL, iBLINGs (E-VITE, S-GLOW, D-VINE), NOVIA, HOMEGA, PROBIOME and many more health products coming in near future. It's been more than half a year since I joined Wellous Group (since Oct 2020), other than sharing these beneficial health product that can help people, I am glad that not only I become healthier

【REVIEW】LIVEON 逆龄抗糖饮 保你青春 从拾光彩 - Natural Revitalizing Essence

LIVEON 逆龄抗糖饮 保你青春 从拾光彩 - Natural Revitalizing Essence 什么是𝗟𝗜𝗩𝗘𝗢𝗡? 🧐 #LIVEON抗糖饮 #即饮 #抗糖 #抗氧 #抗老 #wellous #wellousmalaysia  🔵 LIVEON是结合 #抗衰老、#抗氧化 和 #抗糖化 的植物即饮品,它 #富含天然植物的抗氧化剂,以专利的技术萃取。 🔵 混合水果口味的即饮品,包括奇异果,山竹果和桑葚 ♍ 功效 ✅有助于清除有害的自由基,并增强人体器官和系统的功能。 ✅ 服用几周后,由于身体机能得到改善,您会感到精力比较充沛,比较不易疲劳。 ✅ 您还可以观察皮肤状况变好,因为它有助于减少自由基对皮肤的不良影响。 ♍ 适合人群 ✅ LIVEON适合因内在和外在因素(例如压力、营养不良、饮食不健康、免疫力低下、吸烟、饮酒以及接触毒素和污染物)而在体内产生大量氧化应激的人。  ✅ LIVEON最适合希望优雅地保持健康皮肤和衰老的人。 ⭕ LIVEON如何服用 ✅ #一天一包,建议在饭前30分钟服用以达到最佳效果。 ✅ 适用于12岁以上 联络方式 019-6789379