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Behind The Lens: Kevin Then @ SG Bridal House [March 2013]

Peter Tan and Kevin Then at Behind The Lens March 2013 Session Behind The Lens , a place where photographers meet at one same place and learn from one master every month. I've attended quite a few events organized by BTL but now only I have manage to start blogging about this. If you are an enthusiastic photographer, make sure you make your way to Ecoba @ Damansara every first Thursday for the month, I assure you you can always learn something new from them. Yesterday's speaker is Kevin Then, let's check out his provided introduction: " Kevin Then , of Malaysia, co-owner of SG Bridal House for the past ten years, shoots pre-wedding and wedding day photography. Known for making his couples look like stars, Kevin explains, "A wedding photo shouldn't be just traditional with the bride just standing around wearing a wedding gown. My style is to make it more dramatic, more romantic. Like a movie director, I want the picture a certain way, with

DiGi Smart Plan Break Free Party | Ecoba PJ Trade Centre

The sun has went to sleep but the "glowing yellow light" still shine on us. 100++ bloggers and guests were gathered together at Ecoba (PJ Trade Centre) for DiGi Smart Plan Break Free Party . First of all, thanks to my "Smartphone can be Dumbphones" blog post which help me get a pairs of special invites from Nuffnang =) You can join this party too if you are a DiGi Evangelist ~! At first, we were all locked up in the "Dumphone Jail" Don't we looks like the birds that was trapped in the cage now? Luckily there are three pretty DiGi Freedom Fighters that saved and released us from the "Dumbphone Jail" =D Yeah! We were free to join the DiGi Smart Plan Break Free party now~! Seems like not only us were being saved =) There are more people who were released to enjoy the party that night~! Thank you DiGi & Ecoba for serving us unlimited small foods and I do appreciate for that =) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~