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The Azenders Twin Towers@live KL 2011 Concert

When The Azenders came up on stage to perform for Twin Towers@live KL 2011 Concert . Me and Serena were confused because the lead singer is Sam from BunkFace but the guitarist are new and different person. The other members of The Azenders are: Drums - Kudut Bass - Izal Synth/Strings - Ajam Song performed: Living Rock and Roll Peribadi ladies and Gentlemen The Azenders Keyboard The Azenders Guitarist The spot light is always on Sam @ The Azenders When Sam start dancing Rockstar pose with one leg on top of the speaker/bass Another one "Ladies and Gentlemen" Now your turn! Ladies and Gentlemen Noticed Sam wear skinny jean and shirt quite tight too. Nowadays trend? One of my favourite shoot for Sam in The Azenders Lighting can really decide how your picture turn out "Wonder Girls! Wonder Girls!" Wonder Girls Fans been shouting hard and can't wait for them to come up on stage. [Read more Updates] YunaMusic @ Twin Towers @live KL 2011 Concert [Photos] Wonder Girls