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Help Raise Fund for Para-athletes with '12020 Virtual Stepathon Challenge'!

Help Raise Fund for Para-athletes  with 12020 Virtual Stepathon Challenge   #12020VS Do you know that by just walking 10,000 steps a day not only can keep you healthy, you can also do some meaningful charity too? Here comes the 12020 Virtual Stepathon challenge where you can help the para-athletes. RM1 from each ticket sold will be donated to Paralympic Council of Malaysia  to prepare the para-athletes for Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Take the challenge and do what you do every day...WALK! Records every step you take walking around your university's campus, to your office, to cook, to clean or while having fun with your family at home.  12,020  steps challenge resembles as one nation, one world staying together to meet a common goal in the year 2020 to social distancing and save lives.  Tag your social media photo with this hashtag  #12020VS to  stand a chance to win most creative post with prizes. More info on this page .   Participation date: 17 MAY 2020 – 17 JULY 2020 "

Best Casing for S20 Ultra & Improve Your Mobile Photography | @Moment Galaxy Thin Case

Best Casing for S20 Ultra & Improve Your Mobile Photography | Moment Galaxy Thin Case What's the first thing you do when you just got a brand new phone? Two things run into my mind: A tough phone casing and screen protector that won't affect my phone performance. Yes, the moment you receive your Galaxy S20 Ultra they already built-in screen protector and a transparent phone case included in box. But eventually the transparent case will turn yellow and it doesn't give enough protection to your camera glass. That's when you want to buy new casing that can customize the color even more. That's why to me phone color doesn't matter because we are gonna cover it anyway with a casing. (Unless you like your phone naked haha) That's why I got myself this Galaxy Thin Case from Moment and I personally think that it helps me protect my whole phone INCLUDING the camera glass area. Note to self, not to place car or house key together with  your phone because it'

My Bhutan Travel Photos Exhibited at DrukAsia Kuala Lumpur Office

My Bhutan Travel Photos Exhibited at DrukAsia Kuala Lumpur Office I know I should have share this long time ago, but it was when I have more time at home that I finally remember about this haha. Last year December I went to visit DrukAsia Malaysia newly renovated office (Bhutan Travel Specialist) because there are some exciting things awaiting me to discover. I took many travel photographs but it is rare that I would print them out in large size. Thanks to DrukAsia, it was an honour that Gigi from DrukAsia took the effort to decorate their office with my travel photos taken in Bhutan. Now let's have a look how the framed photo prints turn out okie??