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Where the HeLL is Matt? :)

I like the one at G u r g a o n, I n d i a How bout you? ;p

PayFong 95th Anniversary

My favourite picture, colourful :) How modern is our PFHS field now? Really modern and too good to be true! It is more professional and very nice! And of cource ... it cost RM 500,000 to build this This is the history tomb for the field The marching team for prefect year 2008 Some of the girls need to wear guy's uniform to make the team looks more tidy Thanks for their willingness to do that Not much people that I met that day. But met a new friend and his name is J un H ang It was mentioned as it help me remember his name Haha, this 1 is a very artistic decoration. Both the door are "tooth after brushed" and "tooth before brushed" I only took picture of the "tooth after brished" with this big toothpaste that wasn't noticed when put inside the room. This is Y ee H ui and she is still speaking loud like usual. Good for her ;p And this is the cooker of the "Ooo Jian" for v egetarian ! "美丽的草原我的家" - M emories for SM3Y Hmm, current


On 27th of June Streamyx become Slowmyx again... Whole day can't hardly online. MSN can't use Everything are slow except our own MSIA websites ar... Is this message/info blockage? One part of the "Malaysia's plan"?

Salvatore Ferragamo

S alvatore F erragamo The story would be about perfumes, alot of perfumes I remember that I had participate in the contest of magazine and yeap it is the contest of Pour Homme One day, received the e-mail reply from "Newsman Magazine" Now only I noticed the email that I sent was in November. Seems like they need 6 month to process the tons of participating email + mail to choose the winner. Luckily that I won the first prize which worth RM 2,500 according to the magazine and the person in charge But unfortunately it is all about perfumes and lotions ... And I don't think those fragrance and lotion can cost us that much Seven is too much for me.... Therefore I gave some to my parents and friends. Hope they like it ~ --------------------------------------------------------------- This is the refill for specific fragrance. It looks special and elegant with the little funnel. But still can't figure out which one to use with.

White stripes

What do you think the white stripes are?

Late 3 AM

Just finished format 2 PC and changed their harddisk and others hardware. Tired + happy As I did finish these troublesome jobs Goodnight...

Dutch insurance commercial - Adam and Eve

"Call us if things goes wrong" Haha

A traditional way to cure eyesight problem

This is a traditional way to help prevent your eye getting worst and also cure numerous kind of eyesight problems. In this movie clip you will see that the "doctor" will use a needle with a red thread sting through the nerve around the ear and pull it out again. Yeap, it will hurt but it is just like ant's bite. This "doctor" is staying in Malaysia, Melaka. And lucky that I staying there and can go for the treatment without traveling far. ;p And I gotta tell you that the treatment works! The only thing is it depends on the individual. Different person will have different effects and results.

What's wrong with what we eat?

In this fiery and funny talk New York Times food writer M ark B ittman weighs in on what's wrong with the way we eat now T oo much meat, T oo few plants; T oo much fast food, T oo little home cooking and why it's putting the entire pl a n e t at risk. --------------------------------------------------- What will our planet become in 10 more years?


April 21st is my little sis birthdayz And I forgot that. Haha, next year only I pay you back. The cast today is the M onkey The most precious thing is that the monkey was handmade by my elder sister - D ear B ear . She did promise to give me a birthday present but I think she forgot about it. Just want to simply introduce what DearBear can d o DearBear can make out alot of toys after designing all the thing by herself. DearBear had made alot of different dolls and M onkey is the second biggest toy that she made. Yeap, the first biggest toy is a c o w , with golden horn. If anyone interested in buying a favourite doll of yours. Feel free to contact her. Now I'm advertising for her already. =.=" Good for her.