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Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014 #MILO #MBD

Fresh and hot roti canai ready at MILO Breakfast Day 2013 It is important to have a good breakfast everyday to fuel your body with enough energy for daily activities. Usually I will make half-boiled eggs together with a cup of MILO before I go to gym in the morning. I always need to eat breakfast because if I don't, I won't be able to lift up heavy dumbbell and gym properly. Do remember that you must have proper food after gym as well so your body has enough nutrient to repair and build muscle tissues, which eventually makes you looks bigger and healthier =) This time, MILO introducing the benefits of Positive Energy . A nutritious breakfast is the key to Positive Energy and we all should have good breakfast everyday. Having breakfast with MILO will sets a positive mood for the rest of your day, and gives you positive energy both mentally and physically! Do you know that MILO provides a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals to give you positive energy for

My Simple & Special MILO Breakfast Recipe

I always believe that to stay healthy and slim, one shall not skip their daily meal ESPECIALLY BREAKFAST! Do you know that if you eat breakfast everyday,  this will assist you in staying in shape by ignite your metabolism rate? It is always better than starving yourself until you overeat during lunch. Your body will react to that by storing more fats just in case the next morning you want to starve yourself again. Remember, your body cells are smart in protecting themselves. That's why some people say,"I've eaten so little but I am still fat, why?". All I am gonna say is... you must eat healthy breakfast everyday!! Even just a drink!! Since I was young my grandma always helps me prepare a cup of hot MILO and 2 half boiled eggs before I go to school. Maybe that's why until now the breakfast I prepare for myself also using this menu. All you need to do is to boil hot water and your breakfast is ready. Sometimes, I will spice it up by adding bread into my menu.