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MAMA 2011: Girls' Generation Winning Photos [GIVEAWAY]

Girls' Generation Bring the Boys Out @ MAMA 2011 Singapore *Click above to see some performance photos by SNSD* Congratz again to Girls' Generation SNSD for winning "Artist of the Year" and "Best Female Group" in Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011 !! Here's a series of photos when SNSD receiving their Awards of "Artist of the Year". Apologize for low quality photos as I only have my D90 & 18-105 kit lens with me... If only I have this Zoom Lens with me...~ Girls' Generation running towards the center stage *cheers* Noticed Taeyeon pout her tongue out? Receiving the MNET Awards. "Kam Sa Ha Mi Da!!" The joy of winning the MAMA awards The happy faces of SNSD =) Burst of joy and laugh! Dancing around! "Here we go round" Which Girls' Generation member has the brightest smile? Cast your vote below! TaeYeon(金太妍/泰妍) Jessica(鄭秀妍) Sunny(李順圭) Tiffany(黃美英) HyoYeon(金孝淵) YuRi(權俞利) SooYoung(崔秀英) YoonA(林潤娥/允兒) SeoHyun(徐玄/徐賢) SNSD

Girls' Generation Bring the Boys Out @ MAMA 2011 Singapore

MAMA [Mnet Asian Music Awards] 2011 with Girls' Generation performing live on stage. SNSD really bring the boys out especially the guy sitting in front of me. He was cheering shouting like no one else although his girlfriend was sitting besides him. Featuring a few pictures here. PS:Won't able to see much of their faces since I was sitting at the side ya =) The Boys dance move by Girls' Generation who dressed in golden white outfit. "Girls' Generation makes you feel the heat!" "We bring the boys out! We bring the boys out!" All right, can you recognize which SNSD members are there based on their long legs =) Stop looking at the butt lol I personally find this scene is really nice especially when the stage elevated. Wanna see more pictures taken during MAMA 2011 ? Which artists do you want to see more? SNSD when they receiving their awards? Super Junior Mr. Simple? or 2NE1 I'm the Best? Comment below! PS: Thanks to the rain, I am down with mi

Girls’ Generation Singapore Tour 2011 [Contest by Universal Music]

2011 GIRLS GENERATION TOUR @ SINGAPORE 10th December, Saturday, 6pm Singapore Indoor Stadium The wait has just been made shorter and sweeter. The much-anticipated number 1 Asian Girl Group's first solo concert in Singapore "2011 Girls’ Generation Tour” will be held on 9 December, 8pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium ! Girls’ Generation consists of nine girls in their 20s and they’ve hit a global phenomenon with their dance moves, saccharine-sweet smiles and slender long legs. The nine members: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun . They are often referred to as SNSD , an acronym of the group’s Korean name So Nyuh Shi Dae . 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour in Singapore will showcase a 3-hour visual treat of sexily choreographed dance moves , along with a visual play of effects including laser beams, LED screens, trapezes and elevated platforms. The popular nine-member girl group will perform across two stages and strut alo