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[Random] The Door has Opened!!

Just now there was an open show nearby my housing area. Since I passed by I stopped a while to get some photos and to figure out what event is this. There were people singing and dancing and I figured out there are table and chairs reserved just infront of the stage ... Hmmm... "Xiao San Yuan Ge Zai Xi" @ 小三元歌仔戏 Can see big dragons spitting out the water And here's what make everything clear that the event is not only for us human, but it is also for the "brothers and sisters" who were said that they have been released recently since the door open!! If only you know what I mean *spooky* I keep asking myself if I should take photos of "them" cos I haven't really see the real "brothers and sisters" appear infront me. I spotted the spooky moment @ Putrajaya Floria 2010 - My advice to everyone during this month, make sure you stay awake especially when you are driving in the mid night. Accidents happens easier this month