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Come support 'Rap Against STD' with Durex!

Do you know what are STDs? Do you know how dangerous and serious when one person is infected with it? I know about it but it doesn't mean all the teenagers know about it. Recently I saw Durex Malaysia having this 'Rap Against STD' campaign and I have decided to join the cause by doing a shout-out. This is something that we can do to raise awareness and stop the spread of STDs! PS: You must read until the end to see my video shout-out! I know you can rap, but how bout me? Will let you find out. Spotted a loving couple during my trip to London 2012 Now, let's imagine when two compatible person meet each other, they fell in love and decided to take their relationship to the next step. They picked that day to celebrate new year together and eventually did "that thing" that couple always do without any safety precaution. You know what I mean haha! Later then he/she found out that one of them got infected with Sexually Transmitted Disease (ST