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Samsung GALAXY Gear Review & Price in Malaysia #TCReview

Samsung GALAXY Gear Since the first time I heard about Samsung GALAXY Gear I was curious on how useful it would be to be part of my daily life together with a smartphone like Samsung GALAXY Note 3. Let's check out how does a Samsung GALAXY Gear looks like would ya?? Samsung GALAXY Gear basically is a smartwatch that can do more than a typical watch can do. Other than showing you time and weather at place you are located at, it also allows you to make or answer call directly through the smartwatch. Honestly, I still can't accept myself to answer call through the watch as it makes me feel weird talking to a watch while everybody around you can hear what you say through the speaker embedded to it. Unless you wanna show off that you can do something that James Bond 007 can hahaha Samsung GALAXY Gear 1.9 MP Camera Samsung GALAXY Gear has a smart 1.9 MP Camera There is a 1.9 Mega Pixel camera embedded at the watch strap. I am quiet amazed with the photo quality t

Samsung GALAXY Note 3 + GALAXY Gear Launch in Malaysia RM2,399 + RM999

The gorgeous models showcasing the brand new Samsung GALAXY Note 3 + Gear Retail Price for: Samsung GALAXY Note 3 RM 2,399 Samsung GALAXY Gear RM 999 Heyyo guys, if you haven't know Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Gear is launching soon in Malaysia starting 25th Sep. You can now pre-order at certain telco website and thanks to Samsung Malaysia I was invited to have a sneak peek of what they gotta offer today at Sunway Convention Centre. The launching of Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Gear @ Sunway Convention Centre SO what's new about Samsung GALAXY Note 3?? The core new facts of Samsung GALAXY Note 3: The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is infused with a host of innovative features designed to make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable to complete. The new S Pen , with the addition of Air Command , provides people with the ease of accomplishing tasks with just one click. With its 5 .7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display , the GALAXY Note 3 pro