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La Senza Sexy Cup Size Choir for Christmas. Nice Marketing Skill!

La Senza Sexy Cup Size Choir for Christmas Weekend should be fun right? Therefore today gonna share an awesome interactive and sexy ads by La Senza (UK) . Yes, it is the female lingerie brand that I saw in Malaysia shopping mall nowadays. Been learning how to grab people attention through visual arts and this is one of it. If this campaign was introduced in Malaysia, would the guys ends up decide to buy one for their girlfriend/wife? Or the lady will temped to buy one too? What's so special about La Senza Cup Size Choir? Seven girls with bra sizes A to G make up the musical notes of the Cup Size Choir. Watch the film and enjoy. La Senza Sexy Cup Size Choir for Christmas So I went to to see the interactive page and found out that I can create and record my own tune and song. Here's my humble song production, you can click on it to listen: English Song - Mary Had a Little Lamb Chinese Song - Ke Ren Lai @ 客人来 However, since I haven't used all the not

Super Sexy CPR & Abdominal Thrust [Video]

Do you know that CPR also can be done in a sexy way ? I believe readers of my blog have all passed 13 years old. However, please note that children under the age of 13 are prohibited from watching the video below, unless you are supervised by your parents. Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo . Super Sexy Abdominal Thrust from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo . Now that we’ve got you interested in learning CPR and the abdominal thrust, go get properly certified by taking a class through one of the many certifying authorities in your local area. I believe this Super Sexy CPR is one of the viral advertisement for upcoming lingerie and men's brief. I've subscribe for updates and goodies, just wait and see what is it. Haha!

Make Money Online with ChurpChurp | Twitter Advertising Network for Malaysia & Singapore

You have heard about Twitter. What bout you can make money online by just twitting for ChurpChurp ? ChurpChurp is an advertising network for Twitter. The advertisers will specify the tweet contents to be propagated, also referred to as a Churp, so when you sign up and allow us to post Churps among your tweets, you earn money ! Here is how ChurpChurp works: The advertiser will come and find ChurpChurp for twitting about their latest news, promotion or even event for you to join. ChurpChurp can help in targeting different level of audiences base on gender or age. If the advertiser have special targeting requirement they can contact them here. So, once ChurpChurp receive the requirement from the advertiser, they will start looking for suitable audience to twitt about it. The Twitterers such as me can choose to churp [means twitt] or not. Once the twitterer churp about the message to be bring out. The churp will need to get through administrator's permission before it was allow