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Met Jamie Oliver in Person and he said Hi to Malaysia!

Well well well, it was a great day for all the Samsung Global Bloggers as we were meeting Jamie Oliver in person! I've watch Jamie in cooking TV show all the time but never ever imagine that I could meet him in person. All thanks to Samsung Global Blogger program =D Took a group photo before we get into the room to mingle with Jamie Oliver *No I didn't slap myself and this is a dream* What made me more excited? I was ONE of the TEN Samsung Global Bloggers that was picked to ask Jamie Oliver a question. (Super lucky!)  Also representing the four members of my Team ("Triple Threat")  to ask Jamie a question. Wasn't this great! Nathan(one of the Samsung Global Blogger from Australia) was just a few meters away from Jamie when he asked his question =) AND here's my question, " What type of food do you think Britain does better than anywhere else in the world?" I gave the question some twist and it was great Jamie answer it qui