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Cutest McDonald’s Playset Happy Meal Collectibles - Transform into McD Crew 2022 Malaysia

@tianchad #mcdonalds HappyMeal bertemakan barang2 McD. Ayah pulak yang excited terus beli 2. Bagi yang suka collect #happymeal toy boleh mula simpan sekarang #mcd #comelyra #tiktokguru #tianchad #learnontiktok #jombelajar ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic I received a forwarded message by friend and the toy are too cute not to buy. Hence I bought 2 sets Happy Meals for the toys that could make @comelyra outfit even more compatible hahaha. Padahal bapa yang ada hati kanak-kanak. On a side note, thanks for dropping by my humble blog. It's been too long I never update my blog and I believe I shouldn't neglect this space for too long as I still paying for the domain and server hosting. But you can always check my latest update on Instagram and TikTok. This year time to get back to longer video production for YouTube too as sometimes we can tell story better through long form video. Any suggestion on types of video that I should do? Feel free to comme