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The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2012 Finale [Photos/Videos]

The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia Top 12 Revealed Daniel Tan (with crown) won The Best Hunk Award 2012 Congrats to all 12 finalists who are selected to be Newicon For Him new batch of  The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 2012/2012 . Malaysia Hottest Hunks Winners as below: No. 05 Sean Lee Seng Hon No. 11 Aaron Lay Kuan Hwa No. 10 Steven Wong Yong Fu No. 14 Hans Yung Chien Kuk No. 16 Jeff Wong Leong Jeff No. 18 Jun Lai Kar Choon No. 19 Lee Chee Hung No. 20 Jason Lim Kheng Tat No. 25 Daniel Tan Lek Thow No. 27 Gino Chin Teck Yeat No. 28 James Ng Yin Teng No. 29 Ho Wei Bing Jeff Wong Leong Jeff  Jeff Wong alone won himself total 5 subtitles: The Best Body Physique Hunk by Forslean & Nutralife The Coolest Hunk by Savanna Dry Gorgeous men by Gorgeous Fitness most Charismatic hunk by Kinohimitsu The Most Stylish Hunk by Redken Subtitles Winner Mface The Most Popular Hunk   :  No. 15  Den Gan Kok Chin The Best Talent                            :  No. 29