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KakaoTalk Malaysia Epic Launch @ The Bee Publika

KakaoTalk Huge Ferris Wheel spotted at KakaoTalk Malaysia Epic Launch Last Wednesday I was at The Bee, Publika for KakaoTalk Malaysia Epic Launch . I can see that they put tons of efforts to decorate the event venue into something really awesome within just a day! If you haven't know, KakaoTalk is a smartphone messenger for FREE calls and text. You can make group calls in high-quality sound and schedule appointments in your chat room (as what their latest advertisement shown).  KakaoTalk Malaysia Epic Launch @ The Bee Publika There was a huge KakaoTalk photobooth located right in the middle of the venue where you can take photo and add KakaoTalk cute frame to upload to your Facebook. Tons of finger foods including fresh Popcorns, Ice Cream Potong and many more!! Ice-cream Potong @ KakaoTalk Malaysia Epic Launch , The Bee Publika Blogger buddies Bobo and Budiey was there too! Say hi to SueAnn and Joyce from Nuffnang!! It's been so long I never bee


WIN  LIMITED EDITION KAKAOTALK DOLLS FROM ME TOMORROW!! Wanna win LIMITED EDITION KAKAOTALK DOLLS ?? Courtesy of KakaoTalk and Nuffnang, I have a few cute KakaoDolls to giveaway tomorrow and all you need to do is download KakaoTalk Mobile apps , add me ( TianChad ) on chat and ask me any question you want! I will try my best to answer it. (Eg. Photography, Bloggung) The Live Chat session will be starting from 2-4 PM on 14 Aug (GMT +8) . Add and chat with me to be qualified for the winning of these cute Kakao Dolls!★☆★ ‪  Happy Chinese Valentine's Day 七夕情人节 Between, Happy Chinese Valentine's Day 七夕情人节 to the lovely couple out there!!   Google has a funny doodle game prepared specially for this occasion. I bet no one manage to beat the Level 3. If you think you can, show me you can do it! Malaysia awesome bloggers first time having Live Chat through KakaoTalk =D We will be at Nuffnang office tomorrow so hurry up and download the KakaoTalk app and