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YuenWei Homebaked 缘味 Mooncake for Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival for 2011 is on 12 September, which is still far away. However, I am sure some of you guys have seen mooncake being sold in supermarket or the usual shops. Here's one new home bake I am recommending - YuanWei Homebaked . Today, YuanWei Homebaked is born to continue the originality of food by using the best ingredients and homebaking with love. Witness the tradition, share the originality, taste the love. YuanWei Homebaked @ 缘味 YuanWei Homebaked is selling mooncakes with many different flavors (TeoChew Yam Paste, Traditional Mixed Nutes, Lotus Paste with yolks++) in crispy or soft snow skin. TeoChew Yam Paste Mooncake - The skin is really crispy when I cut it. As for the paste it is soft and tasted with moderate sweet. I can finish this very fast ;p TeoChew Yam Paste with Single Yolk Mooncake - I personally like mooncake with yolks because it taste just great =) When yam paste was combined with salty taste egg yolk it just increase the tastiness.