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Sponsored Video: My Grocery Shopping Will Be Different Now

Online Grocery Shopping made life easier!! Hello guys, today I would like to share part of my life as a fulltime blogger and photographer. I've always enjoy the extra freedom that I got by doing this job and I will always go out and buy my groceries from the nearest supermarket. I always have the thought that I must self handpick my fresh fruits and vegetables as I can see it with my own eyes. This is of course to ensure that I am happy with my purchase =) However, sometimes I do caught up with a few jobs (including photography) at once and I gotta spend the time wisely by spare out some time from my usual routine. This is when I go to online groceries shopping . It is really easy and most importantly I don't need to go out and carry all my stuff back as they will deliver right to my doorstep.

Astro 马力 MaLi White Horse as CNY Gift #ongmali

Astro “马力全开庆丰年,一路有你梦飞扬” Last week I received a CNY gift from Tesco Malaysia and it is a pair of cute soft toy named MaLi (马力).  I've blogged about it (in Chinese) before - Astro马力全开庆丰年,一路有你梦飞扬 - 欢迎可爱"马力"!! I believe most of you guys who are Tesco's usual customer have seen it but I am gonna show you again and share with you what I think about the cute MaLi and its packaging.