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Media Prima Nite Live @ KLCC [Sneak Peek]

Attended Media Prima Nite Live 2011 Screening @ KLCC and it is a grand event co-organize together with TV3, NTV7, 8TV, and TV9 channels. Well before that met HongKong TVB Kenneth Ma and Joyce Tang in a press conference and almost missed it because lacking of parking at KLCC. Nevertheless I was blessed to find a RM5 open air carpark and didn't rain when I go and get my car. So back to Media Prima Nite Live 2011 . Saw some local artists and celebrities attended this event screening and below are just some of the photos for sneak peek. Local Chinese Artist: Lawrence 王冠逸, Gary Yap 叶俊岑,Rickman Chia & Wind 李诗斌 Hottest guy: Henry Golding and Hansen Lee The yellow stick in Hansen lee mouth is actually a lollipop ar Ahmad Izham Omar was funny and cheerful during emcee the show Always say no budget and that recycle last year joke is free "Why? Cannot" haha There was a Twitter contest where you can win 42" LCD TV and also iPad 2 . They are all good prizes but I wonder