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Awesome Pawsome Italy Ferrari Trip to Win!

Sometimes you feel awesome to be able to have sweet and sour strawberry desserts at the cool weather Cameron Highland. Won't you drool over this plate of strawberry ice cream waffles? It is even more awesome when you have a lover to share with. According to, Desserts + Rose = Romantic =p I saw this elegant watch at Star Hill Gallery few days earlier and wonder how awesome would it be if I able to own one. Hautlence is the name. My first time to see a watch with awesome price. Of course, this finest piece was handmade by awesome people with extreme talent =) Today I spotted not only one Ferrari, but more than 5 Ferrari! Sporty red is the sexiest~! Wouldn't it be awesome if you can sit inside the car and experience the adrenaline rush? =D That's why today I must shared this awesomesauce with you guys because the Awesome Experience with Ferrari could be a dream come true~! All thanks to Sunkist Malaysia , not only me, but you also can win some awesome prizes. A