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Sunset Selfie

Sunset Selfie @ All Asia Broadcast Centre Sometimes I will go Astro to fetch lovely someone but there was this time where weather was awesome, showing me the beautiful sunset. Since I brought my DSLR along, I went to to take some photos while waiting for my lovely bubu to come out from the office. Found this mirror with striking color and had an idea of capturing myself together with the sunset as well.  *salute* This could be a fun #ootd post too haha. New T-Shirt from Brands Outlet, paired with my favourite jeans from Spit Fire and sporty shoes from Larrie. Maybe I shall start planning on printing my ows T-Shirt with own capture photo on it too. Wonder if anyone selling self-customized T-Shirt with pockets on it. Just like the one I got from Carlsberg's Where's the Party. That would be awesome right? =D If you know any T-Shirt company selling good quality customizable T-Shirt, let me know =) I know Ziccotees, and I am looking for more choices now ya. Hope you can help!