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Samsung Threaten Bloggers & Cancel Flight - Did It Happen to me?

Yo guys, I am sure some of you guys have read about the article of Samsung flew bloggers halfway around the world, then threatened to leave them there and another article about France who won a contest to go to the London Olympic Games that has been shared on Facebook and Twitter over and over again. I've even got friends who are concern about me and asked if this happened to me as well. So here's a blogpost about it. The first article was about 2 bloggers being sent from India to Berlin to cover some Samsung events, end up it didn't went well and they were told that their air flights has been cancelled; The second post is about France, a female blogger who won a contest to go to London 2010 Olympic Games. I think her main concern was about being followed by creepy personnel that urging her for updates and many more tasks-to-do everyday as she get exhausted. Samsung Global Bloggers gathered up at Chelsea Football Club for our first orientation day! I, as on

Marion Caunter Gorgeous Pregnant Photo | Hari Raya+Merdeka!

Have you know that Marion Caunter is married with SM Nasarudin ? Check out Marion Caunter & SM Nasarudin wedding photos & Marion+Nasarudin wedding dinner photos here . How bout the good new that Marion is now having her 5 months baby and gonna give birth in December? Congratz to Marion Rose Caunter Abdullah ! =D The exclusive interview of Marion Caunter with her first pregnancy story has been broadcasted through the special episode of E! News on Sunday (28 August), 9.40PM at E! Entertainment (Astro Channel 712) . Marion gorgeous pregnant photo with 5 month baby =) I guess every mom will worried about the body shape both before and after giving birth. Before giving birth, that is to make sure the baby is healthy and to have enough nutrition by having the right diet; After give birth is still worrying about the baby but also to take care of her own body on how to get back the slim fit body shape that mom used to have it. I believe Marion will be as gorgeous