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'Flavours of Berjaya' - Cookbook That Makes You A Better Chef

' Flavours of Berjaya' - A cookbook to help you become a house chef yang 'berjaya' As a person whose cooking level is only at the level of preparing non-soggy 'maggi mee tambah telur', perfect half-boiled eggs, and sunny-side fried eggs, I believe with this new cookbook that I received from Mr. Hanley Chew, I will become a home-chef yang 'berjaya'! All right jokes aside, I am here to share something with you who like to cook. 'Flavours of Berjaya' is the first cookbook by Berjaya Hotels & Resorts (BHR) . 17 chefs from Berjaya Hotels and Resorts in Malaysia and overseas have contributed their signature recipes to be featured in this cookbook. Other than sharing their secret recipes, these chefs also share some foolproof cooking techniques that have been tested and perfected from their years of experience in preparing local favourites and international cuisines for our discerning hotel guests.