F1 Petronas GrandPrix 2010 Race Preparation | Sepang Circuit [Malaysia]

F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix

Today I would like to share what you can see from the F1 GrandStand area. Before that I would like to thank LG again for the ticket and hospitality provided. If you've missed my previous post about Wonder Girls at LG Technologies Design Center, click on the link and read it now~! You will know how much is a GrandStand ticket too.

This is the entrance

Everyone is going to their seats now

You can buy your foods from the inside but it is not cheap
Chicken Rice at RM15

A bunch of Ferrari fans sitting under the tree eating and resting

At GrandStand area you can see the prize giving platform from far and ALL Racing car s gathered at one spot.

Took a picture with the background

Every car team including the Redbull bring in all the stuff they need for the race.

Each car team has a pretty lady standing for them. They need to smile whenever cameraman want to take their picture, under the hot sun some more! I hope they have enough sunscreen to protect their skin.

Luckily there are people who giving the ladies water to drink. If not someone will get faint.

Big bunch of media were allowed to get on the track for photography and interview.

They all look so busy with their own responsibility

KingFisher Medion


Renault Team

Who is inside the car? Petronas Malaysia

Interview of Schumacher

Interview 2# ________________


Redbull team - M. Webber or S. Vettel ?

"Hey bro, are you read?""

"Here is some ice for you"

Redbull's Sebastian Vettel is under so much attention

Photographer snap from all angle. 360 degree surrounding

Nico Rosberg also under interviewed

S. Vettel is stripping answering the questions

Okay, our Malaysia BIG guy is here, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Accompanied by so much people.

All the people on the race track looks like a bunch of ants looking for foods. Just that they are different kind of ants.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak being surrounded

Saw this interviewer guy who looks like a US celebrity

It took quite long for them to prepare the race car, change the tyre, check the balancing, and everything they need to let the racing car perform at its best.

Looks like Nico Rosberg has minor hair loss at certain area on his head; It doesn't affect his performance to get in top 3.

Everybody raised for Negaraku

Umbrella is important for every driver

That is a nice car with both door opened. I only see it in movie before but this is the first time I see it with my own eye. How I wish I can drive it =D

Every driver has a personal servant that will full fill his need. It is like Aladin without the lamp.

Different team with different colour

We have blue one the Philips RBS

The yellow one which is Renault

And of course the RedBull

Mixture of White, orange and green

Silver shine

Mark Webber coming out with his own style.

M. Webber only come out once his racing car is ready

The moment before it get ready to drift ;p

They are ready to have the first round as test run.

That time only I know I MUST wear the earplug. The noise is killing my ear!

After all car passed, the members of the car team all rushing to one point and get away from the track. It is like a swarm of ants that found foods at the corner. ;p

Last picture for what I saw at the GrandStand before the race begin.
"Run Baby Run!"

Before I end this post I would like to share a 30-seconds video on what you can see from a Grand Stand view. Enjoy!

F1 GrandPrix Sepang Petronas Malaysia Preparation 2010

Next coming post for F1 I will share my outcome of doing the panning shots during the race. Wish I manage to share my experience with you guys about what you can see at the Grandstand~! Cheers!


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