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New Rate for Traffic Ticket by Polis Diraja Malaysia

Polis Diraja Malaysia just announced on their Facebook Page that starting 1 Dec 2010 the new rate for Traffic Compoun/ Summons (Kadar Baru Kompaun Saman Trafik) will be applied. New rules and rates for Traffic ticket in Malaysia: - Traffic ticket that was paid in 15 days will be given 50% discount . - Traffic ticket that was paid between 16-30 days after receive will be given 30% discount - No discount will be given for people who pay the traffic ticket later than 30 days. He/she will be blacklisted for not paying it. How to check if you have any summons (saman)? There are a few ways: 1. Through SMS 15888 By just using your mobile phone, you just need to type POLIS SAMAN [Car plate number] and send to 15888 Example : POLIS SAMAN WTF4896 and send to 15888 * Each SMS will be charged for RM 0.20 2. Through the Internet Checking can be done through portals below:- > MyEG Services - > RILEK e-Services - * No

DiGi Pimp My Music - First iPhone App for Unlimited Music

DiGi Pimp My Music party was organized at Zouk Club . I was kinda late to arrive at the party. Blame the Malaysia's traffic + rainy day? It happen more often with this rainy season now, so everyone drive safe! Was surprised to see Jessica (Lady Gaga) and Nicole(Sun Mi)' s out fit. Both wearing a wig~ Nicole doesn't look like Sun Mi? Check out this post Daphne , Yatz and Natasha The three doll-like ladies - Nicole, Rachel and RedButtockz Nuffies were up on stage to dance. Spot the rockstar Michelle =) Sha @ TehTarikMemoir come as Michael Buble and he sang. I personally like Michael Buble's song because it is hard to learn his singing tempo One of my favourite song = "Haven't Met You Yet" First time captured Lionel@DustyHawk's cute side lol Who come as Jason Mraz Ickes @ Elvis with his guitar and the recognizable Elvis's shirt Isroxck @ Marilyn Manson 's face was red when he is rocking with the song Took a picture with the four finalist.

Crocs X'mas Warehouse Sale Coming to Town!

Crocs X'mas Warehouse Sale is back! Yes you read it right =) It is the year end again and everyone hope for sales. If you are planning to get Christmas present for your parents and friends. Why not visit upcoming Crocs X'mas Warehouse sale? Crocs X'mas Warehouse sale Date: 2 Dec - 5 Dec 2010 Venue: 2nd Floor, Atria Shopping Centre, Damansara Jaya. Time: 10am-7pm What are the Crocs Shoes that will available on sale now? Below are just two of it: Crocband Nation Brazil RM 179 RM 90 Crocband Nation Argentina RM 179 RM 90 Remember to visit Crocs X'Mas Warehouse Sale at coming 2 Dec - 5 Dec @ Atria Shopping Centre! Do go early for not missing out the discount up to 70%~! PS: No shopping bags allowed.You are advised to bring small purse for security reasons. Stay Tune On: Website: Facebook: Twitter : @crocsmalaysia You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 or follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =) Pres

Visit i-City Shah Alam @ Christmas Season

The weather is getting colder, and Christmas is coming! So I've changed my background to Christmas Theme~! First time use own pictures as wallpaper wei ;p [syiok sendiri] I can see more people want to know what and how to go to i-City Shah Alam ( some people call it ice-City Shah Alam) . What is i-City Shah Alam? i-City is the intersection of technology, real estate and technopreneur development. They have finished the Phase 1 development and now starting the Phase 2 development. Rhythmic Light Show is part of i-City second pahse development. How to go to i-City Shah Alam? Here is the location map for iCity Shah Alam Malaysia =) *Click to Enlarge* My Selangor Story i-City Shah Alam| A video that show you what you can see in iCity Shah Alam now. They say there will be new decoration/lighting installed. So I hope they have already installed for you guys to have a wonderful moment~ The opening hours of iCity Snow House : Monday to Thursday: 7.00pm to 11.00pm Friday

Stop Child Abuse...Stop Abandon Us

"I have no name, abandoned in a place where my parent hope I won't be found." The first thing that appear in my thought about child abuse will be the dumping of babies/fetuses and they were treated like a rubbish. There were cases of newborns abandoned in the streets or at rubbish dumps. Imagine a body of a baby boy who was left on the roadside was found by passers-by, with his left hand bitten off by wild dogs... Some were abandoned, dump at toilet or even buried... What happen to parents nowadays? How could the parents just dump their babies without even have chance to see the world better. If you are not ready yet to be a responsible parent, stop the "reproduction process". There is always this thing call condom and it is even cheaper than the cigarettes. Don't be a selfish guy just to have short moment of "happiness". I am sure some of you have watched the baby abortion video before. So do I. Sometimes a person can promise to take care o

Celcom Launch with LG Optimus 7 and Early Bird Promotion!

[Sticky Post: This post will remain as first post for 48 hours, please scroll down for more updates] Celcom has selected and offered to seven of its loyal windows customers this latest Windows Phone 7 -LG Optimus 7 device from LG, retailing at RM 2,099, for FREE ! These lucky subscribers are Abdullah Nordin, Azalee Abu Hassan, Dzuraidah Nordin, Saw Leng Ghee, Tan Hock Yee, Tan Teck Meng and Wern Poh Fah. In conjunction with the launch, Celcom is offering special price of RM777 to first 150 customers who register online via Celcom's website ( ) from 24th November onwards . So better act now if you wanna get this phone at RM777 instead of RM 2,099. PS: You can scroll down to bottom for more Celcom deals if you missed this one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arrived just in time for this event and there are already people hands on LG Optimus 7. Not only you can try the LG Optimus 7 , but also LG Optimus One too~! There is a briefing about LG Optimus