Iron Man 2 Movie (2010)

Iron Man 2 Movie

First of all, thanks to LG for give us a chance to watch Iron 2 yesterday. This is considered a very early premiere to me and my friend. The venue is at Garden's GSC, which is my first visit to there.

This premiere is a lot different than all premiere that I've been before. All the people around here who waiting to watch the movie are not bloggers. (but I saw kyspeaks with his friend la, not sure if she is his gf =D ) They are more like working parents who bring child along.

PS: This is a PG13 movie for your information.

There are lots of people at the entrance welcoming us by saying "Please switch off your mobile phone, and enjoy your movie".

Where as there is a girl on the speaker with (which I think) rude voice saying "For all LG Guest, please switch off your handphones and all electronic devices when you enter the cinema". A bit annoying when listen to it, maybe she thought she speak too softly.

The cinema Hall 2 was not open even after 9.30pm

I think it is because they want to prepare all the soft drinks + popcorn ready for us in the hall. This is a good move.

However, I am kinda disappointed with the seats. Although it is a Twin seat that linked together. They look broken and I smelled urine smell around my seats. Wonder which fella get shock or too happy when watching the movie. (It could be from the child too).

Here is a tips for GSC Garden, use Febreeze to make your cinema hall smell better please.

Invited my blogging buddy MsXeroz to come along

Noticed the movie crews will stand at the corner of the hall supervise us watching the movie. They will exchange shift after certain time but I still pity them. All they do is to prevent us record/pirate the video.

My opinion about the movie:

Natallie (Scarlet Johansson) is the hot babe in the movie. The Google technology was implemented to google for her gorgeous modeling image. She was trained well for this movie.

Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) is always the good assistant and lover of Iron man, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). You will see how she handle the job as a director.

Kinda like the character of Tony and in this movie you will see how he fight the death of himself by creating new element (thanks to his father for the clue). I wanna be as wealthy and tough like him.

Lt. Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes (Don Cheadle) is Iron Man's best buddy and if you don't want to miss the scene where they had a fight, you must watch this movie.

The bad guy Ivan Vanko(Mickey Rourke) who has the electric whip is very strong + can even bit Iron Man. I enjoyed the scene where he created tons auto-robot to hunt Iron Man but as for his own fighting scene. It just ended way too fast.

After watching back the trailer I noticed there is at least one scene being "potong" in Malaysia. The scene where Iron Man let Natalie play with the "weapon".

Happy to see there will be a sequel which related to Hammer-that-drop-from-the-sky. I am sure Marvel fans know what is coming out.

Overall rating: 8/10


  1. [Joshua]
    Not bad leh =D

    Haha, thank you

    Thanks for the early comment? ;p

  2. Got scenes kena potong? They had SEX???
    Y potong! damn!

    I thought he loves Pepper, why he so fast go f*ck Natalie?

  3. EH..i just watched the Trailer 2 of Iron Man. Oh u mean that REAL WEAPON la? i tot Iron Man's "weapon" << Sorry i apologise for the dirty thinking~!

  4. wah, u already watched this movie? full house la today. :(

  5. [MsXeroz]
    Wah you super horny lo, hahaha!
    Nvm, this is the Nicole I know la, no worries.

    Yeah watched it earleir, all thnaks to LG ar =)
    Try online booking~

  6. eh shyt lor i also think senget.. all nicole's fault


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