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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at FRIM Kepong & LaFame Bridal Studio

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at FRIM Kepong and LaFame Bridal Studio Sneak peek photo by LaFame Bridal Finally! We had our prewedding photoshoot done with the team from LaFame Bridal Studio in SS2.  Courtesy of LaFame, we were one of the lucky winner to win Lafame’s Best Couple Search Contest in conjunction of 1st anniversary. Thanks to the support from all my friends and family, we won an indoor photoshoot session and later decided to upgrade to include outdoor photoshoot session. Every couple who are planning to get married can read this post as I will share my experience and perhaps some helpful tips for you to get ready and find the right pre-wedding bridal house, including gown selection, make-up artist, photographers and things included in your package.  People say I can shoot my prewedding because I am a photographer myself, I think I will able to do it too BUT it takes a lot of efforts and preparation to make it possible. I can't just use my #TCFisheye to do the

36 of the Biggest Love Songs Ever describe love between RBFluffy & RBBunny

The love story between #RBFluffy and #RBBunny can be described with a few love songs With Valentine's Day just around the corner, everyone has "Love" on their mind. It's on the radio, it’s in the books and’s everywhere!! Love all around so what better way to capture it then a collection of romantic love song that would put you and you lover in the mood while celebrating this season of Love!   Warner Music proudly presents "The Greatest Love of All – 36 of The Biggest Love Songs Ever"  to be released on the 27rd of January 2014 and features 36 best-selling hit songs from days of old and new. With favorites, Christina Perri - A Thousand Years, Kenny G - Theme From Dying Young, Celine Dion - The Power Of Love