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Exciting Eco Adventure @ Awana Genting Long House

[Next Post: Pasar Ikan Bakar Seafood Barbeque & Blind Trail @ Awana Genting Long House ] After breakfast we MSS Bloggers took a group photo at the lobby of Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa . Thanks Raja Hilmy , the Mass Comm manager of GPT who always accompany us during these two days. Please spot the GM of GPT in this picture =) Saying goodbye to my comfy bed in room No. 506. Next time I wanna bring my whole family and stay in a bigger villa! Sure its fun! You can read my previous review of Canary Palm Villa . I dreamed of the seafood galore we had last night @ Malaysian Night Dinner, including their colourful desserts too. Saying bye bye to this infinity swimming pool. I didn't manage to dip myself in this pool yet, but I will surely jump into it during my next visit~! =D Took a photo with Pascal Prigent , the General Manager of Golden Palm Tree before we left. Between, this is Rizma , a blogger from Indonesia that read MsXeroz and my blog since MSS2010 . Thanks