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Google Nexus 7 Malaysia Launch Price @ RM 999 - Announced by ASUS

[Update] Just received updates that Google Nexus 7 current price is RM899. how much did you bought yours? Google Nexus 7 Launch in Malaysia @ RM 999 ASUS Malaysia has announced the debut of Google Nexus 7 in Malaysia. Nexus 7 is the first tablet in Google’s Nexus line of devices and the lead device for Android™ 4.1, Jelly Bean . Nexus 7 combines premium hardware designed by ASUS with the latest version of Android and all of the entertainment from Google Play. Jointly developed by ASUS and Google, Nexus 7 is the world’s first 7-inch quad-core tablet which delivers the best of the Google experience in a slim, portable package that fits perfectly in the hand. In US, Google Nexus 7 is a very affordable gadget (selling at USD 250 for 16GB) consider its specification Nexus 7 comes with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor , meaning everything is faster – pages load quickly, gameplay is smooth and responsive, and running multiple apps is a breeze. A 12‐core GeForce G