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[Sponsored Video] AXN The Blacklist - The New Criminal Taking Control

AXN - The Blacklist AXN is having another great show this October and it's called "The Blacklist". I've just finished watch the first episode through their secret page and gotta say it is worth watching especially if you like crime investigation type of TV Drama. It is different from CSI as this time a FBI's most wanted criminal would like to take control of your computer to show to the world "bigger picture" of the Blacklist. However to d o that you need to be on his list too. Do not type Blacklist on AXN's Page There's actually something fun happening on AXN’s official website . You just need to type in the word BLACKLIST on homepage and you’ll relinquish control of your computer to Red.  Once in control, Red will show you an incredible world of privilege and unrestricted access. Now AXN’ launched their most anticipated show, The Blacklist . And just as Red plays games with authorities, this launch camp