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Animal Abused @ Petknode During Raya. At Least 15 Died

Animal Abused @ Petknode During Raya Season After a week-long Raya Holiday, hundreds of pet owners returned home to find that their cats in Petknode, a Malaysian Cat Boarding center which they had left at were abused, missing or dead. Petknode failed to drop off the cats at the owners’ residences at the appointed times since Saturday night. Repeating call to the cat boarding center went unanswered and the company's website is down. Petknode Twitter page went inactive since 31st July. Petknode did returned some of cats to their owners but the owners were shocked to find their pets malnourished and sickly. Angry messages sped over Twitter and Facebook alerting other owners and animal lovers who rushed to Petknode yesterday morning. Cat saving Ops @ Petknode "Several pet owners received their cats from the company late Saturday night. Left in a malnourished state, the owners complained on Twitter and Facebook. This alerted other pet owners, who eventually had