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My First Radio Interview with Bernama Radio

Me together with DJ Gerard Ratnam Apa khabar semua, yesterday 20th Sep 2012 mark the day I had my first radio interview with Bernama Radio! I was the special guest of the night for Bernama Radio's 'The Lounge @ 8Twelve Live' session : "From time to time, this talk-back slot features a special guest every time and showcases topics from politics and economy to entertainment and sport! Interact with our guest in the studio by calling 03 2692 7939 or forward your comments on Bernama Radio's Facebook page ( )" Well, I can't say I wasn't nervous because when there is something new that I've never experience before I will feel insecure. Worry about what would happen and how should I handle it haha. Especially when I heard about Bernama Radio I thought I must speak in Bahasa Melayu. Luckily after asked my blogger friend - Merryn who was featured not long ago, she told me the show will be in