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FOUR Must Have Mobile Apps for 2014 FIFA World Cup #OlaBola

Champions of Stadium Astro #OlaBola Ultimate Challenge The other day I was at OneCity Mall's Sky Park for Stadium Astro #OlaBola Blogger Gathering at HongDae Moon. Winners who won the #Olabola Ultimate Challenge will win the official 2014 FIFA World Cup Merchandise from Astro!! If you are a football fans, then you should not miss out these awesome mobile apps (Astro on the Go, Astro GO 2014 FIFA World Cup, Ola Bola Football Predictor, Stadium Astro )   to help you catch the game and even predict the turn out too!It was a beautiful day where you see gorgeous sunset from OneCity's SkyPark and you should go there one day!! Photos below:

Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer Blogger Adventure @ Sunway Pyramid #AstroOTGExplorer

There was this morning where Nuffnang bloggers woke up early to start their Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer adventure @ Sunway Pyramid . My eyes were too tired to wear contact lens hence I had decided to get the "Clark Kent look" for the day. Here's few of us who arrived early in the morning to cover the event! Always good to see familiar faces at one same place =D TianChad, KY , BeautifulNara and Jane @ Chuckei =D My little precious tagged along too =D   Hardworking Nuffies who woke up earlier than me to get prepared for the bloggers' adventure Chuckei's fans having star-struck and took the chance to take photo together =) 50 bloggers are all armed with an iPad to complete the adventures awaiting them Briefing time! A picture of the bloggers and event crews @ Astro 华丽台 station Since I can read and speak Chinese I was assigned to the Chinese Station ;p There are several different stations where bloggers need to compl

[CONTEST] Be Adventurous & Win Brand New S4 with Astro-On-The-Go!!

Are you up to challenging adventures and good in social media?? If yes, you better don't miss out this chance to join  “Explorer-On-The-Go” contest to win the brand new Samsung GALAXY S4 , Apple iPad Mini, Nexus 7 or even big amount of cash!! You better be an Astro-On-The-Go subscriber to be entitled for the cash prize~ Woohoo! Check out the prize list below, Astro is always generous in give out prizes yo!! Prizes for “Explorer-On-The-Go” contest. You should really visit this page for the contest details!  ************************************************* Here's my example of how my contest entry will looks like: Three years ago, I challenged myself for Bungy Jump @ Sunway Lagoon during my MSS trip.  Now I can't wait to go to New Zealand to try out their exciting bungy jump or even sky-diving in future. [Still in planning cos not much people dare to go with me...] Not afraid of height can definitely enlighten your life haha. Besides joining the

Good News to Astro & Me: Astro On-The-Go Breaks World Records Three Times Over!

I won the new iPad from Astro On-The-Go blogging contest!! First of all I would like to share good news with you guys as I've won a new iPad by just blogging about Nuffnang and Astro On-The-Go Pool party!! Thanks Astro and nuffnang =D You may want to read my winning entry here - "Astro On-The-Go Pool Party with Sporty Nuffnangers!"  I've installed Astro On-The-Go to the iPad before I gave it to my mum =) She is really happy with this new gadget as she can now stalk me on Facebook and of course my blog hahaha. Where do YOU want Astro On-The-Go?? On the other hand, congratz to Astro as the current world record holder for the World’s Longest Online Banner , currently on . The online banner created a world record at a length of 61,500 pixels (68 feet), tripling the length of the previous longest online banner length of 18,001 pixels (20 Feet). Astro created the World’s Longest Online Banner in conjunction with Astro On-The-Go’s “Where

Astro On-The-Go Pool Party with Sporty Nuffnangers!

Cheerful faces @ Astro's On-The-Go Party!! Did you guys missed out Astro On-The-Go Party ? I didn't =D There were big bunch of cheerful bloggers having fun at the party! Though it rained for a while, the party still went on very well with bloggers playing game and win prizes as a team! Teamwork is important you know? =) The Pool @ 347, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur It was my first time visit The Pool for Astro On-The-Go party. It was a bit hard to find as the entrance to The Pool wasn't that visible. (luckily I got GPS) Yes, there's a water pool that you can jump into. Definitely a new leisure place to hang out. Really cool Astro party backdrop for photoshoot. You can get your polaroid photo here! A huge party backdrop that's made according to Astro On-The-Go interface on iPad. It said snap most creative photo there as the best photo will win an iPad. Rearly? ;p Beautiful Nuffies welcoming the bloggers at the front desk =D Guess