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Fun moments with The Journey Cast and Friends!

The Journey 一路有你 Media  Gathering @ Redbox IOI Mall Hmmm... playing with Flickr after so long and it seems that I can't embed single photos anymore with their new layout. Anyway, I will book this slot while figuring out the way to use the old embed html code... All you need to do is to click the "Opt out and give feedback" and you may gain back the option to grab HTML code =)

It's All About DJ MeiYan 颜薇恩 @ SASA IOI Mall

It was a very random day when I surfing Facebook and saw's Facebook Update that attracted me. Saying that MeiYan 颜薇恩 will be at SASA IOI Mall as the ambassador of SASA 35th Anniversary . Since I was really bored editing many photos and thus decided to just meet her in person and shoot some photos of the pretty MeiYan 颜薇恩 =) I am not sure about you but shooting pictures of nice looking people especially their happy looks enlighten me as well. That's my way to destress haha MYFM DJ MeiYan 颜薇恩 MYFM DJ MeiYan 颜薇恩 @ SASA IOI Mall MYFM DJ MeiYan 颜薇恩 @ SASA IOI Mall MYFM DJ MeiYan 颜薇恩 @ SASA IOI Mall MeiYan is already very slim when I see her photos posted on FB. She look even slimmer when I meet her in person! Hopefully she can increase just a bit more weight as I really scare she will be blown away by the typhoon in Taiwan haha. Anyway, I bet MeiYan will look really nice in her wedding dress with her skinny bone features~